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China’s Hacker Black Market Turns Sights on Smartphones

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03/16/2014 03:18 PM
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China’s Hacker Black Market Turns Sights on Smartphones
China’s black marketplace for wares used by cybercriminals is stocking its digital shelves with devices used to hack mobile phones. The shift is tied to increased smartphone use in China, which enables more people to access the Internet.

The new focus of hackers could also mean more cyberattacks on mobile phones in the West.

“This affects anybody and everybody because we all use mobile devices,” said Jon Clay, security technology expert at TrendMicro, which recently published a report on the Chinese hacker black market.

“Criminals want access to a large group of victims. The more victims they have access to, the more likely they are going to target that product,” he said.

According to TrendMicro, which cites China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), an estimated 81 percent of China’s 618 million Internet users accessed the Web with mobile phones in 2013.

Threats against mobile phones are only going to increase, said Clay. He related it to several years back when hackers went almost solely after Microsoft products “because that’s where the most users were.”

This may be even more so, with the proliferation of devices being sold on the Chinese black market that target mobile phones.

[link to www.theepochtimes.com]
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