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Cavemen's 'rock' music makes a comeback - musical stones

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United States
03/17/2014 03:12 PM
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Cavemen's 'rock' music makes a comeback - musical stones
French National Orchestra concerts will show off prehistoric stone chimes, known as lithophones, used to make music by cave dwellers

Thousands of years after they resonated in caves, 24 stone chimes used by our prehistoric forefathers will make music once more in a unique series of concerts in Paris.

Known as lithophones, the instruments have been dusted off from museum storage to be played in public for the first time to give modern Man an idea of his ancestral sounds.

After just three shows two on Saturday (March 22) and a third the following Monday the precious stones will be packed away again, forever.

"That will be their last concert together," music archaeologist Erik Gonthier of the Natural History Museum in Paris, told AFP ahead of the production.

"We will never repeat it, for ethical reasons to avoid damaging our cultural heritage. We don't want to add to the wear of these instruments."
[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]
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