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Message Subject Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps has died
Poster Handle Old, Out Fag
Post Content
I stopped back to read the condolences, but this message is for:


SO: you call bullshit on Phelps' funding from Denver? The Phelps family never got rich on their legal settlements. In fact, the courts usually reduced them to the lowest possible denominator just to prove a point to the hateful old Fucker... they were token awards only. And, they certainly did NOT win every time they went to court! The judicial system here in Kansas [and specifically Shawnee and Johnson counties] were among the first to recognise that his tired defence hiding behind the 1st ammendment was an offense in itself- and they moved quickly to stop his subversion of this constitutional right. And locally, once our Gay communities all got wise to his tactics we didn't give him a chance to drag us into the court system. In the last several years multiple states passed laws restricting his protests and forced him to abandon many that he WANTED to stage... one reason he sought greener pastures in Europe and for that he needed some big-assed bucks from a much, much larger church organisation. And: he got it from self-righteous assholes such as yourself.

I KNOW the name of the church that funded Phelps - but I'm not stupid enough to reveal it in a forum such as this. Suffice to say, it's one of the biggest in the Denver area, boasting a congregation numbering in the thousands. His payments were actually funneled through a radio station owned by this church, where Fred would occasionally appear on-air to vent his spleen and collect some quick, substantial cash along the way. Your own religious doctrine is blinding you to the truth that this man was indeed a creature most foul who preyed relentlessly and without remorse upon those who frequently couldn't defend themselves: the dead or dying. And, if you'd ever looked directly into his eyes -as I did- you'd understand exactly what I'm talking about.

Don't presume to lecture me on Fred Phelps. My own personal encounters with him and his family will trump your own imaginative ignorance to the point of absurdity.

BTW: my account of how he treated his family was taken directly from sealed court documents [as recounted by his own children, former law associates and law-enforcement agencies]- as I stated a couple of pages ago, a saavy court clerk snagged a copy before the gavel came down to keep them from public view... luckily the truth can still be told.

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