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Message Subject Jesus Christ is going to Rapture the REAL church of christ in '7' (spirit days) VIDEO from prophet
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AMEN !!!!

Good video OP, I'm on my iphone, otherwise I'd embed it.

Awesome that you gave the way of salvation because the Rapture- Day of the Lord- Worldwide Earthquake of Rev.6:12-7:17 IS SO NEAR!

Jesus could return tonight or 7 more days, idk, but probably sometime this Spring before the first blood moon on passover.

Salvation Prayer Link:

[link to www.allaboutgod.com]
 Quoting: Morganite

You know back in the old testament days if one stated a prophecy for something to happen and it did not come to pass the people of the city took the so-called prophet out of the city and stoned them to death!
 Quoting: Robert50 55699728

The Rapture will happen we don't know exact day- We're busy getting the warning out to get saved!
 Quoting: Morganite

There is no rapture!

And just in case of confusion, I'll state it another way. If you are asked whether to stay or go, DO NOT GO! It is a trick!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 55919869

I totally agree with you but quoted you because it was the last comment on the page. When people start to rapture out of here than we have 7 years after my wife leaves me and if that happens then I know it's real and I will believe. She's a good woman and she will beat me there. Unfortunately Hal Lyndsey and others have taught this and If I followed that doctrine I would be guilty of ignorance and not reading scripture.
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