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100 EXECUTIVE ORDERS IN THE FIRST 100 DAYS... what would you do?

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United States
03/25/2014 03:46 PM
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100 EXECUTIVE ORDERS IN THE FIRST 100 DAYS... what would you do?
So, I was pondering all that is wrong with america and how to turn our country around. I put myself in the presidential seat and wondered how to return our country to the people. A thought came to me to use the problem of executive orders for good to right some wrongs. I have some ideas for E.O.'S but would love to get glp members input too. If we could be the President what are some E.O.'s that would right our country? 100 E.O.'s in the first 100 days. #100 should be no more E.O.'s , let's make a list of the other 99! I'll start with a few:

1) to make lobbying the government , any government agency or an elected politician illegal and punishable by life in prison.

2) to create a national standardized psychological test for anyone working in law enforcement in any form that will be mandatory on a biannual timeframe.

3) restructure the nsa to delete all data on private individuals that is dreamed non threatening and to make second to terrorism the monitoring of all politicians. A quarterly report will be made on every politician on their conduct from the past quarter and be posted for public scrutiny.

4) an annual confidence vote taken by the populous that can bring about early elections if the majority does not approve of the way our elected officials are representing the country.

5) to abolish the IRS and create a flat sales tax to fund the government.

6) to take away any enforcement powers of the FDA and to remove restrictions on natural substances that a person may choose to use as a remedy for any physical problem. Anything questioned by the FDA must be presented to the public for vote and must be accompanied by a detailed long term case study.

7) abolish the DEA.

8) create a program to mail a copy of the declaration of independence and the bill of rights to every citizen and every law enforcement agency and to make it mandatory for any law enforcement or government agency to post these documents in public view.

OK there's a start, come on glp, let's write 100 :-)