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Subject Australian Pm odd move
Poster Handle Whoop-D-Do
Post Content
“Welcome to Abbott’s bunyip aristocracy”, screamed the headline on the front page of Wednesday’s Sydney Morning Herald.
This was the newspaper’s satirical take on Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s surprise decision to reintroduce an honours system
 Down Under based on the regal titles of knights and dames.
Outgoing Governor General Quentin Bryce and her successor Peter Cosgrove – who takes over as Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in Australia on Friday – will be the first to receive the titles. As many as four new awards will be recommended by the prime minister and approved by the Queen each year, with the governor general occupying the position of “principle knight or dame in the Order of Australia”.

“I believe this is an important grace note in our national life,” said Mr Abbott.
The decision by Mr Abbott, which was pre-approved by the Queen but not discussed by cabinet, restores an honours system that was abandoned almost 30 years ago – an era when Canberra plotted a more independent course from its former colonial master.

end snip
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