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Passenger security breach Sunday morning (06Apr14) - Nok Airlines at Hat Yai airport (Malaysia Thailand Border region)

Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/06/2014 09:35 AM
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Passenger security breach Sunday morning (06Apr14) - Nok Airlines at Hat Yai airport (Malaysia Thailand Border region)
300 miles (approx) North of Kuala Lumpur airport is Hat Yai airport near the Southern Thailand/Northern Malaysia border. Hat Yai sits in a region dominated by violent civil war between Northern Malaysian Muslims and Southern Thai Buddhists. Bombings occur frequently (weekly)and many innocents have died (more than 5,000 - mostly Buddhists - over the last 13 years including nearly 200 school teachers) and 10,000 more have been injured. Last month (March) there were 53 incidents including 17 bombings reported with 40 dead and 42 injured. February's deaths and injuries is reportedly 105 people.

Late Sunday morning (06Apr14)a male passenger was allowed to board a commercial Nok Air flight without a boarding pass. and he reportedly took a seat in the front of the plane near the pilot's door. Another man who took a seat in the rear reportedly was helping the first guy.

Thankfully, a passenger, whose assigned seat had been taken by the guy up front, attempted to negotiate with this guy for his assigned seat and was ignored by the guy. The displaced passenger reportedly alerted flight attendants and ground staff that led to a supervised exit of all passengers.

Nok Air's management is downplaying this, of course, however the info reported so far suggests that the man would have been allowed to board without a boarding pass by boarding gate personnel.

Had the passenger not alerted authorities, would this have developed into another MH 370 scenario?

MH 370 departed KL on schedule just after Saturday midnight whereas this morning's Nok Air flight was scheduled to depart around 11:00am Sunday; only 10 or 11 hours difference from the Malaysia flight departure several weeks ago. Is there something about the Saturday midnight to Sunday noon time frame in that region that is conducive to mischief? Hmmm.