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Message Subject Premature Baby Left in Momís Arms to Die, Hospital Wonít Revive Babies Born Before 23 Weeks
Poster Handle Em18966
Post Content
This is a terribly sad situation, but I think that hospitals have an ethical obligation to make the best medical decisions for their patients.

If they deem that the probability of survival is not worth the amount of pain and suffering that will be inflicted on the neonate, that is a decision that should be left to the discretion of the doctors.

I am sorry for this family's loss, but I believe that we live in a time where medical technology is often abused and misused in a manner that causes more suffering than anything else.

Medical science should be used to help, not hurt. In some cases, the best way to help is to allow the natural process of death to take its course.

Edit: A couple of things to add after reading the article. 1) Life News is an incredibly biased source of information and its hard to believe that any story featured in the publication is not horribly slanted towards their cause. 2) The hospital/EMT's should have advised this woman of the fact that there would be no resuscitation or revival care available to her neonate upon delivery. It sounds like she was there and in labor plenty long enough to have made alternate delivery arrangements if she had known of their policy. Of course, it sounds like they were wholly expecting a stillborn, so they were probably not discussing what would be done upon a live birth.

As patients, you should be aware of your hospital's policies in all things, especially in cases of premature birth and other reproductive manners. For example, in the US many religiously affiliated hospitals won't give emergency contraception in rape cases. Victims have to go elsewhere. All hospitals have different policies.

In the US, I am unaware of any hospital that would refuse to do everything they could do to preserve the life of a premature neonate, no matter how premature, provided it was alive at the time of birth. But this doesn't mean that these facilities don't exist.

My nephew was born at 29 weeks when my sister developed sudden and severe preeclampsia. She was directly involved in every step of his delivery and his care in the NICU. They wanted her to have an induced vaginal delivery and she demanded a C-section, because the pressure of going through the birth canal can cause brain bleeds in preemies. But if she hadn't been aware and informed prior to the emergency situation, she would have been at the mercy of the so-called medical professionals who do things their way unless patients speak up as their own advocates.
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