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Does this smack of Cronyism? (Guess The Race)

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United States
04/12/2014 06:01 AM
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Does this smack of Cronyism? (Guess The Race)
I have not read the full online story, but the story being published in the Friday, April 11, 2014 News Journal paper seems to be in the like of Cronyism aiming to get the madam grant money and her child back asap.

If so,
I find it odd because it may be that she used drugs in pharm-parties fashion to get other people's children hooked then turn-them out in-order to not only pay for her habits, but her lavish lifestyle building a name for her self in the skanksta world.

[link to www.news-journalonline.com]

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/12/2014 09:44 AM
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Re: Does this smack of Cronyism? (Guess The Race)
Scary stuff!
Is it possible these types are allowed to operate covered by public corruption, color of law, and the like serving a much-much larger agenda hidden within religious instutions of which the main protection in many forms such as but not limited to the aforementioned originate?

Could it be the operation serves multitudes of function and purpose?
Possibly funding nefarious activities on a much larger scale?
Is it possible the young ladies are used until they beome pregnant and then encourage or in some cases forced to sell the baby?