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Subject The Illuminati made my cat an offer he couldn't refuse
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Blue buffalo canned food for life, everlasting fresh step, and a 33ft Amazonian deluxe edition cat perch with fake whack-a-mole style birds with lazer beams attached to their heads for ultimate enjoyment.

Affordable housing, 10 sack of the 'nip in the mailbox by the week...

All he has to do is initiate Project Komodo to allow for the pavlov's spirit dogs to wage war against the cat faction of the NWO... He'd effectively be selling out his own kind.

At the moment he's liking the offer, considering how lately the Felinus group has been stalling to take out the Anubis starship in the upper Sirus dwelling area...They say the dog days are "over," well, they might not be finished...

Please if any of you can convince him not to take the offer it'd be greatly appreciated. All you have to do is give him kind, pleasant words in this thread, because I know he'll read it.
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