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Subject UK: Subway caves to Muslim demands, removes pork, sells only halal meat
Poster Handle Bambi2U
Post Content
In the caption on a photo accompanying this article, the reliably dimwitted Daily Mail writes: “Nearly 200 Subway branches across the UK and Ireland have cut out ham and bacon, selling only halal meat, in response to demand from their multicultural customers.”

Their “multicultural customers”? And exactly what multiplicity of cultures demanded that Subway drop ham and bacon and sell only halal meat? Most likely that demand came from people of only one culture, and has rendered these 200 Subway restaurants less multicultural than before: now non-Muslims in Britain who would like to enjoy a Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt or an Italian sub with pepperoni are out of luck: Muslims and Sharia-compliant dhimmis are the only ones who will be served.


[link to www.jihadwatch.org]
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