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Message Subject Nuclear Hotseat: Killer Points on Fukushima's Coverup - UPDATE PAGE 8
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Getting angry at them will only help them. You guys are better than that.
Keep spreading the word and providing the info. People will find out. Nice or no reaction and they will go eventually
 Quoting: Whoop-D-Do

NO, sorry to say they won't go.... why leave a paying job, where all you do is sit on an internet site and spread lies and insults?
 Quoting: Citizenperth

I get what your saying, its been getting to me seeing what they are doing. The insults to you are esp vile. Just trying a different way.
The kind of person that would take such a job cp , is someone that requires a certain reaction....

And frankly they deserve nothing. I Dont know am just trying to help out. I have alot of respect for what your doing and hate seeing the crap they say, a nd even more that they are getting any "air" time on a thread that has important info.
 Quoting: Whoop-D-Do

You are very new and dont know the History,
but it is him since Day One and he is doing this against
everyone who have a different Opinion!

He love to be in the Center, he like Astroturfing
and used different Accounts, mostly Females, to push
his Postings, Ego and Opinion!
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