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Message Subject Nuclear Hotseat: Killer Points on Fukushima's Coverup - UPDATE PAGE 8
Poster Handle Chugiakian
Post Content
[link to www.jimstonefreelance.com]

The core of reactor 3.

Tepco initially stated the disaster was unprecedented and the radiation was immeasurable, WHO SHUT THEM UP?

[link to www.jimstonefreelance.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39981214

Yea, the rabbit hole is very deep…but according to TEPCO SHILLS, all is safe…
 Quoting: Chugiakian

They also say the 1/2 of the rods have been removed from the spent fuel pool ON TOP of Reactor #4…….. of course these are not the ones that are NOT bent

[link to www.infiniteunknown.net]

Multiple assemblies ‘deformed’ in Fukushima Unit 4 pool — One “bent at a 90-degree angle” — Tepco: Mistake occurred when handling the fuel… 25 years ago [link to enenews.com]

[link to www.trust.org]
The fuel assemblies are held in a 10 x 12 metre concrete pool, the base of which is on the fourth storey of the complex. The assemblies - which contain plutonium, one of the most toxic substances known - are under 7 metres of water.

"They must be handled one by one, very carefully," Shunichi Tanaka, the chairman of Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority, said after approving the operation recently.

[link to news.yahoo.co.jp]

Fukushima Minyu translated by EXSKF, Nov. 13, 2013: According to TEPCO, one of the damaged fuel assemblies is bent at a 90-degree angle [literal meaning: bent in the shape of a Japanese character "く"; actual angle could be less]. It was bent 25 years ago when a mistake occurred in handling the fuel. The other two were found to be damaged 10 years ago; there are small holes on the outside from foreign objects.
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