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Subject NEO-NAZIS get life in prison for murder of a sex-offender...
Poster Handle redrocket
Post Content
Good 'ol South Carolina folk...yet there are people like this all over this shitty world.

Not saying what they did was just...actually, it was pretty heinous, especially bc they killed the guys' wife, yet I will never defend a child sex offender either.

Do you think sex offenders are punished enough? And when I say "sex offenders", i dont mean someone who took a piss in a park near a playground and had to be registered in the system. Im talking about the worst cases.

IF not, do you think this is why "people" like this take justice into their own hands?

I say if you feel the need to take advantage of a child in any sexual way, you should be cast from society, but not to prison, to a deserted wasteland to think things over til your last day.

[link to www.cnn.com]
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