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Message Subject Fukushima Update: MASSIVE FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA. p53
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Other than the economic interdependence of the US and Japan, I cannot understand why the international community hasnít put their foot down and demanded that Japan take immediate steps to mitigate the incredible and horrid damage their reactors have caused. The lies, falsehoods, half-truths, and face saving by TEPCO and the Japanese Government is unacceptable. Any other country would have been forced to accept an international team dispatched to entomb this piece of shit (or what is left of it) in concrete - even if it cost the Japanese 20% of their GNP for a year or so to do it. Why they are given choice about the matter and are being handled with such kid gloves after all their lies, and face-saving half-truths is totally beyond my comprehension.

Another viable choice would be to evacuate the area for about 100 miles around the plant and inland and then nuke the entire site until it falls into the deepest crevice in the ocean which happens to be a few miles off the shore of Japan.
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