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Message Subject Fukushima Update: MASSIVE FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA. p53
Poster Handle Chugiakian
Post Content
@ Op,

what is your Alternativity?
Do you know a emission free Source of Energy?

How do you want to provide reliable Energy for Megacities like
Bangkok, Mexico- City, Sao Paulo, NYC, Tokyo or Moscow (etc., etc., etc.)
without a damage for the Environment?

I researched this Topic since the Eighties and do not found any,
as hard as it sounds but we need to accept a
"collateral Damage with minimizing the Causalities"!

This is the Human Guilt of this Century,
our whole global Society is basesed on this Consent/ Consensus!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 61862162

how about you comment on the first 5 minutes of this video, then we can have a real conversation....


Please listen to the first 3 1/2 minutes of this talk....... Grab a barf bag, and hold on.

either we release this contaminated water into the ocean, it in a controlled way (a little at a time, with minimal media coverage), or we have a the possibility of another event, that releases it all at once, for the entire world to see.

These so called professed experts are the ones who need to go down there and clean up this mess.....

ALL nuclear reactors release their contaminated water into the rivers, ocean's or near what ever body of water they are next to.

They know this radioactive contaminated water is still toxic, yet they still dump it into the water.
 Quoting: Chugiakian

There is no way to remove the Tritium, then he says it is toxic for 10 years or so, but then goes on to say it need to be stored for 1 century or something like that.

 Quoting: Chugiakian

They cannot remove the Tritium from the contaminated water at Fukushima, or any other nuclear power plant in the world, they all have the 'right' to dump this toxic contaminated water into the rivers, oceans, or what ever water source they are next to. This contaminated water will be considered toxic for at minimal of a century (or so). So, these so called "experts" want to take all of the water stored at Fukushima, in the failing storage tanks and dump it into the Pacific Ocean, with minimal media coverage, before another tsunami disaster occurs and it dumps into Fukushima harbor, for all the world to watch. in the end, the result would be the same. A controlled dump or another accident, there is no difference, and it is socially environmentally ill-responsible!
 Quoting: Chugiakian

 Quoting: Chugiakian

@ AC from Japan.........

How about you dig a big hole, dump your toxic waste in, and then go swim in it.
This is an acceptable risk, and far less dangerous than your dumping it into the Pacific Ocean!
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