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Message Subject Fukushima Update: MASSIVE FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA. p53
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
@ Op,

what is your Alternativity?
Do you know a emission free Source of Energy?

How do you want to provide reliable Energy for Megacities like
Bangkok, Mexico- City, Sao Paulo, NYC, Tokyo or Moscow (etc., etc., etc.)
without a damage for the Environment?

I researched this Topic since the Eighties and do not found any,
as hard as it sounds but we need to accept a
"collateral Damage with minimizing the Causalities"!

This is the Human Guilt of this Century,
our whole global Society is basesed on this Consent/ Consensus!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 61862162


Looks like Japan has done ok for 3-1/2 years without Nuclear, according to your statistics
 Quoting: Chugiakian

We stopped to use NPS but this do not mean that there is no harm to the Environment, we used more Coal, Gas, Geothermal and Oil
but this Fuel is not coming for free, just research the Problem of Coal Mines, the (political) Problem of Oil and Gas,
even Geothermal Energy is bad for the Environment!

There is no form of Energy without a bad Impact,
even Solar Energy is highly Toxic and need special Production Plants!

But there is still hope, since 3/11 the Japanese are very creative in Energy saving, we reduced our hunger for Energy for about ca. 35%
and we can do even more but we have the (intellectual and technological) Resources to do it,
young Countries like India, Brazil or even China do not (yet)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 61881942


just to remind people of who you are, what company you work for, and what you represent......
 Quoting: Citizenperth

Damn man, I agree that Fukushima is still a legitimate threat to mankind, but you went full retard. Why spam a serious Fuku thread with a ridiculous amount of memes I'm sure that all of us has seen for at least the past two years?
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