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Message Subject Fukushima Update: MASSIVE FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA. p53
Poster Handle Chugiakian
Post Content
@ Op,

i said it already many Times but do it one more Time:
are a Distraction from the real Problem

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 61881942

Tell me one more time how you say that there is much bigger things going on here....Exactly what is this real Problem you reference?
 Quoting: Chugiakian

The Problem is that we have more than 450 Nuclear Power Stations,
ca. 375 are overaged, ca. 200 are in dangerous Terrain,
a few in political unstable Regions (like the Ukraine),
we still have no concept for the long Time Storage of the Spend Fuel
and all related Materials and the Main Problem is that we still know
not much about Radioactivity & Impact in a long Term!

The Problem will even grow because we don't have enough (Energy-) Resources for our Future in a global Scale!

What should Countries like India & China do?
Their Population and demand for Energy will explode in the next five Years!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 61881942

AC, There seems to be a dual message that you send here.

First, you defend TEPCO and how they are handling the situation (its ok to take all of the millions of tonnes of toxic, contaminated water from all of the storage tanks and dump them into the pacific ocean, let the fish swim around in it, before someone catches it and eats it, while other play and swim it the ocean)!

Second, you say that the real problem is much bigger, and tout the obvious......450 nuclear power stations (not to mention the nuclear reactor war ships, subs, other facilities that are nuclear powered). - which we agree needs to change.

But you still defend TEPCO, the NRC as well as those who hold the real power. You act like your trying to defend nuclear power, and not speak out against it.

You sit a top a barbed wire fence, with your feet dangling on both sides, getting your balls cut off by the barbed wire. - we see you pick the side of TEPCO, and you get slammed for it. we also see a glimmer of picking the side that says Nuclear needs to stop and you get slammed for it too, because your other foot is entrenched so deep in the TEPCO side that you are being dragged across the barbed wire fence, as the insults keep coming. - You don't want to offend your fellow countrymen, by going anti-nuclear, because you might be ridiculed, and mocked, like you see others getting mocked.

I was, pro- nuclear, until 3/11/11 when I woke up and saw the devastation, and now I fear for my children's children, and the possibility of never being able to eat fresh seafood ever again from the pacific ocean. This is a legitimate concern, and rightfully so. We cannot believe the lies and propaganda that TEPCO offers, nor the BS statements, as in the video, I asked you to watch the first 5 minutes of.....They are FUK'n Killing the Pacific Ocean, (along with any other water way near the other reactors). You will not find me in the camp of agreeing with TEPCO, until they demonstrate that they accept defeat, and turn it over to the world community to clean up in a manner that will not kill the environment, in a responsible way (dumping all of the millions of tonnes into the Pacific, is not responsible)......

If I came over to your house and dumped my trash in your front yard, you would probably have me arrested, but to suggest its ok, as long as i do it at night, under the cover of darkness, while no one is watching, does not make it any more right!
How about if someone pee'd in your drinking water, it's not toxic now, it's still safe to drink. - I hope your cringing, and thinking eeewwwwww, Yuck! Because, the toxic water you suggest to dump into the pacific, is much more dangerous, and it ain't fuk'n right!

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