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Message Subject Fukushima Update: MASSIVE FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA. p53
Poster Handle Citizenperth
Post Content
I am the original investigator of fuku
operating from peru since mar 13th 2011
my site was 7he7ruth.com
over 400 hours of research
on fuku

I moved on ...

citizen perth also has research
and he has not given credible evidence 4 exploded either
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 62241349

can i ask why you were the original investigator, i know many of the originals....
 Quoting: Citizenperth

I am not the only investigator.
I am very likely the first.
I activated the day after 11:11
My dad was a physicist [aerospace]
his friend is a nuclear technician [chalk river reactor]
all my relatives work in science
most in aerospace tech.

citizen perth's avatar: ''suck my balls'' is not professional language
or behavior, nor should people who use such terms be trusted
as being accurate or serious.

arnie gunderson was a trusted source for me
his credentials surpassed those of loren moret
and he avoided conspiracy jargon, though I don't claim conspiracies don't exist, I don't condone mixing such ideas with science as [due to military conditioning] it taints the validity of the hard [pure] science by bringing in psychological/sociological agendas.

If we examine the science [the gravity] of the situation it doesn't matter WHY it happened, we must specialize in the mechanisms and physics of the event.

My site was up for 3 years and is now down, for my own credibility I will post here ONE page of the 34 pages of my research, I wont post all of it as I have ascertained some is false, for example several reports state that reactor 4 exploded 3 years ago. Therefore the alleged threat that it may explode sometime in the future don't match up.

a person who uses ''suck my balls'' as language comes across as typical internet chatter forum type character and not as serious or professional conduct.

several sites sprang up after my own ...
I now cannot trust these sites as the feeling has changed.
I flew to peru after the explosion [as did Obama and bush] and did my research from there, as the southern hemisphere has a separate air system that takes 5 years to mix with the north, we were taught this back in high school, education is a blessing.

in my next post I will post page one of my work

THE BIBLE BTW predicted this event
and stated usa [mystery Babylon] should be evacuated by those who believe the bible, safely we can trust then that by now ALL bible believers have left usa and it is now ready for final termination.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 62241349

let me see.. the suck my balls is a meme that I only have posted here..... this doesn't affect my credibility at all....

My interest was borne from interest in the topic and my work history...

about a year before the event, I was working as an educational consultant for the health department of Western Australia. One of my students, (as i was doing executive training), was Diedre Tame, still head of the Pandamic Committee, Western Australia, and I developed the Panadmic Control Room Software for Patiend Management and Movement during a Pandamic Crisis, and is still in use today.

My then partner of 14 years was Dr Joyce Hendrics (Phd), who is head of Post Graduate Studies, Faculty of Medicine, Edith Cowan University. I myself developed the Remote Triage systems for New Zealand after Western Australia didn't want it, for their Rural Nursing NZ. Both sources, and many others can be verified by a quick Email to their respective Departments.

My papers are 'owned' by Education and Health Western Australia therefor are not personally acknowledge as my own as by normal protocol, and my site is considered an accurate Chronology that is now used by many Reporting Authorities....

I think after 3 and more years, that I can conveniently say I report with some Authority, and am on the Board Committees of more than several on and offline groups....

I am a member of the International Cochran Research Committee which exposed me to chronological reporting on significant and relevant works as to validating the quality of the research topic.

This is not the only place I report..... This site is my down time....

I don't usually report my credentials here as they have been used by nefarious reporters... and this will be the only time I will report my background here, as I feel it has no bearing on anything of Import..... And Fukushima is not a pissing contest.....

anyway that is how I got into the keeping of the record, it was for myself to start with really... i started mine at the same time as mochi of fukushima-diary... i even have a two hour interview with him somewhere before he left japan....

in fact, the reason i found this site, was thanks to waterbugs thread (RIP), which was the largest group of posts on the net at the time.... you can see on my blogs he is still a contributing author in memory of his work :)
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