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Message Subject Fukushima Update: MASSIVE FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA. p53
Poster Handle Chugiakian
Post Content
Video of the console dropped into spent fuel pool during debris removal of Unit #3 Fukushima Daiichi

Download from here...
[link to www.tepco.co.jp]
 Quoting: Chugiakian

[link to enenews.com]
Accident situation: During debris removal operation from spent fuel pool, to rise the console of the fuel handling machine, the crane tried to grasp the console with its fork, but the console dropped around the middle of east side of the pool… It dropped between debris in the pool and curing material on the upper part of fuel rack… there were 2 fuels under dropped debris.
Time… 12:45p: Failed to grasp the console of fuel handling machine and dropped it; 2:37p: Resumed cooling the spent fuel pool…
Confirmed situation and future schedule – After console dropped, parameters concerned were confirmed to be normal.


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