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Weird Veterans Administration Return Call

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United States
05/23/2014 10:17 AM
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Weird Veterans Administration Return Call
Yesterday my husband and I changed banks and began the progress of notifying the issuers of our direct deposits. It was an afternoon of dropped calls, listening to background music and redialing. The Veterans Administration was the strangest. When their number is dialed you are told to stay on the line and wait, then another automated voice comes on and tells you about using the online site and ends your call. I found a way around that by punching 0 and I was offered the choice of a call back. After 45 minutes I did received a call back but I could only hear the person talking to someone else. She said that it was all in the matrix, some silence, then she said it was a confluence of groups. I am saying "hello" over and over, but never received a response. Then the call ended. I have to say that when I heard the term, matrix, I thought it was a joke. Starting all over and punching 0 a lot I was able to stay on the line and wait for the next available call rep. After so many minutes the recorded voice would state how sorry about the delay, then a female recorded voice would come on and say "dependency". I was on hold for a long time and I heard "dependency" over and over. I'm thinking what the hell? When I finally got a live person to talk to, I ask about the "dependency". He stated that he didn't know anything about it. I wondered if this was a means of trying to make a veteran feel bad.

I am wondering if anyone else had the same experience or any thoughts about this.