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Subject Message? Love, Mind Control, Or Both?
Poster Handle TastyThoughts
Post Content
Can message be used as a control mechanism. Medical message, for medical purpose, and in a medical setting is not what I am addressing at this time. If someone else has an opinion or experience whether patient or provider, to offer that is great! Feel free to do so; But, I am wondering about prostate message as a method of control, manipulation, or the like. Can something like prostate message be used by the Giver to manipulate the Receiver?

I am not into that. I am certain there are both some medical necessities and some who enjoy it. It may be that its growth in popularity over the past few or more decades can be attributed to knowledge in the form of articles on "how to please your man." If so, are those articles riddled with propaganda on "how to keep your man," really being used to manipulate men into thinking they just had the best sex ever?

Say your on a first date with a gold-digger, a black-widow, or chameleon type of which has spent plenty of time seducing its target, therefore building sexual tension until she strikes and Wham! Finger to the prostate! Could this be a sign she is really a Succubi, a Siren awaiting to turn whaling-banshee?

I mean certainly may be she is just naive and tired of not being in a long-lasting relationship; So, she aims at utilizing data form her knowledge base in a first time sexual encounter. May be not. May be any time a prostate message comes into play in a recently sexually active relationship, regardless of the gender of the receiver, one may be wise to hide the family jewels so-to speak.
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