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Message Subject Firearm question when does this get fun?
Poster Handle chowan
Post Content
OP the first time I shot a 12ga I was 10yrs old . It blew my shoulder right out of the socket . My arm was swangin in the breeze . Don't at all be embarrassed cause you find it difficult to shoot. You'll either figure it out or move to a less powerful platform . if you like shotguns 20ga or .410 are excellent candidates if you simply find the 12ga to be too powerful
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 55650373


Ive shot 12,20 and 410 bore before Im sure its got to do with the light weight single shot.

Im going to try what one AC sggested and push forward on the fore grip as well as hold into the shoulder.
 Quoting: chowan

Haha that was me . But either way I'm sure it doesn't have everything to do with being a single shot definately a little but . You shoot 3" slug out of ANY 12 ga short of an automatic all day and your shoulder will feel it. Even if you're an old pro that has 1000's of hours on the platform .

Not everyone likes shooting a 12ga .
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 55650373

how can anybody at least the lightweights

I can shoot and hit what I am aiming at but it is still a long way from being fun.
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