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Message Subject Firearm question when does this get fun?
Poster Handle Louve
Post Content
I was given a 20ga. when I was 8 and upgraded to a 12ga. when I was 11. Granted, it was a semi-auto Browning, which absorbs a lot of the recoil, but still, I was only a scrawny 11 year old.

I still have my Great Grandmother's 1920's 12ga. break barrel single shot. I've never fired any firearm that has as much recoil as this ol' beast. But, I've often shot it from the hip with no issues. It is very easy to control if you are familiar with firearms.

I am a member/Wiki Editor for a large caliber firearm forum and often read about people asking about recoil pads. I often go "all CHIP" on them and ask why the hell are they shooting large caliber firearms and even thinking about recoil? They pretty much go hand in hand.

To be proficient and comfortable with firearms, you need experience. Once you have the confidence in yourself and the specific firearms you own or are around, it becomes second nature. I've often shot a couple hundred rounds of 12ga. out trap shooting and never gave the recoil a second thought...well, until the next morning lol.

Keep at it and do some research. The pump guns are the most fun to shoot (though I'd like to try the other Member's lever actions :) ). As with anything, to be good at it, you gotta keep at it.

Good luck!
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