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Message Subject I just paid the last mortgage payment I will ever pay, ask me a question.
Poster Handle Apocalypse Troll
Post Content
Still have property taxes.....

Technically you're just renting
 Quoting: CHL2T

THIS ^^^^^

Stop paying your property taxes op, then post another thread to let us know what you own after they're done with you.

Robert Heinlein said it best when he wrote "You do not trully own anything unless you can carry it in both arms at a dead run."

Congratulations op, you own jack shit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38400967

I have always been a fan of Heinlein, then I re-read it all and while I enjoy the science fiction aspect of his writing, I find he is a pervert.

Property taxes are not rent. I am happy to pay them. I use the roads. I use the police all the time, to remove neighborhood kids from the pastures, and to set up speed traps on our road for retarded hot-rodders. I have kids in different schools, and those schools need financial support. Shit, I still get to keep my AG exemption. 17 bucks in taxes for 1/2 million square feet last year, in the middle of Houston haha. As to the 300 or so bucks I need to put away each month to cover my yearly insurance and other taxes. I DONT GIVE A FUCK. I take home more than that in a post breakfast stretch of work from my couch.

Ill tell you what I don't have though...



And to all those people that sent me good wishes, I pray God grants you all good fortune, long life, and a lack of loneliness. Hell, even the ill-wishers - Good luck, peeps. Remember the longer you have a bad attitude, the longer it takes to get rid of...
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