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Message Subject First steps down the road to a return to the Constitutional Republic that we were intended to be.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
M'eh, never gonna happen.

Doesn't matter who you look at, historically, when our culture becomes this perverted there is no other option but some sort of collapse.

Perhaps if we addressed the REAL problem, the American "christian" church's attack on manhood that started way back in the early/mid 1800's and organized under the Women's Christian Temperance Union in the mid-ish 1800's things might make more sense on how to reverse it.

But it cannot happen. It WILL NOT happen.

BOTH "conservatives" and leftists all agree on one thing: our culture must support absolute Female Worship.

There was some fag caller on Limbaugh on Friday from Texas who pointed out correctly that Texas bitches EXPECT men to treat them a certain way. They EXPECT it while, AT THE SAME TIME demanding the right to snap their fingers and break up the family, commit adultery, abort their unborn and in Texas murder their already born, and demand someone else's money to support them when they decide to snap their fingers and not work.

Look at it simplified: our entire culture supports giving women everything without them having to earn ANYTHING.

That is welfare by definition.

When even so called "conservatives" support the Welfare state (cultural Marxism, Female Worship, whatever you want to call it) there is NO SALVATION.

Most of the Classical writers point this out, in particular Aristophanes' Women in Parliament. Women start attacking and demonizing men, then demand to take control of the political spectrum, and then the Welfare State, and finally collapse to a stronger society (likely Islam in our case, as it's the fastest growing on the planet in the USA).

Wake up OP. It's a real nice thought, but a flight of fancy.
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