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Message Subject First steps down the road to a return to the Constitutional Republic that we were intended to be.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Forgot to point out that the Progressive victories in the early 1900's were a DIRECT result of the WCTU and its influence.

The WCTU started down this train of thought:

1) all men are drunks
2) all drunks beat their wives
3) all men beat their wives (when in reality women commit most domestic violence in the USA)
4) because of all this, morally superior women must take control of the family and society and the political spectrum.

This cultural influence led directly to the

Federal Reserve (men are too stupid, drunk, lazy and oppresive to manage their own monetary system without gubmint)

The 18th Amendment (all men are drunks so we have to take booze from them)

The 19th Amendment (morally superior women MUST control the political spectrum)

This was after 50 years PREVIOUS influence.

A chilling thing to behold that the American "christian" female has been demanding the same thing as Sharia:

-ban alcohol (Prohibition)
-ban guns (NFA of 1934, GCA of 1968, and on and on)
-ban drugs
-legislate morality

If you want to solve the problem, i firmly believe it IS POSSIBLE, but you HAVE TO FIND THE REAL ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.
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