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Message Subject First steps down the road to a return to the Constitutional Republic that we were intended to be.
Poster Handle Anonymous Cowherder
Post Content
How is giving thousands more political assholes a paycheck going to help anything ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40077555

dilution of power.

You think adding more members of congress will get things done faster? You're an idiot. Because that will ensure that things don't get done. That would be TOO many to come to any agreement. Seriously.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41119298

"things" are not supposed to be done easily, or fast, in Washington, DC. it's supposed to be a hard and slow process to get legislation passed.

it should to be much easier to get legislation through a State House or Assembly and made into law than it is to get them through the US Congress.

and I love the ad hominem. it really drives your point home.

oh, and as to nothing getting done? well, i'd have loved it if most of the legislation passed in this nation in the past 40 years didn't happen because it was too tough. The Dept of Education, amnesty under Reagan, The first Gulf War, the repeal of Glass/Steagall, the Patriot Act, the "war on terrorism", the second Gulf War, NDAA, obamacare, etc.

all passed because it was "too easy" to get them through congress.
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