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Message Subject The Nightmare Liberal Nanny That Won't Work or Leave House
Poster Handle LostInForever
Post Content
Just eat all your meals out for a couple weeks, don't buy groceries, and starve her out. Eventually, she'll have to leave the house to get food. When she does, change the locks. Problem solved.
 Quoting: Revbo™

Hell, change the locks, then physically toss her out. Get some friends to back up that she was abusive and started it. It's her word against several others. No reason not to lie to get rid of this leech. Using her own tactics against her.
 Quoting: Hardwired

Then she'd probably run to the police and get the family arrested.

Reminds me of those stories I've read where a man leaves for work in the morning and when he gets home he finds a gypsy family living legally in his house. Changed his locks. Police can't do anything.
 Quoting: PhotinoBird

The gypsies started it illegally, the man can finish it illegally.
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