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Group Prepping?

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User ID: 58260140
United States
06/27/2014 08:46 PM
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Group Prepping?
Group prepping a good idea?

I was approached by a friend at work about going in together and buying some items to prepare for food storage. Also asked me about maybe he can supply food, I can can and visa versa. Working as a team because I think if we pooled our time and money together we might be able to make some faster progress.

Anybody do this or have any experience with this?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 59709029
United States
06/27/2014 08:52 PM
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Re: Group Prepping?
it can be a very good thing or a very bad thing

it all depends on your friend

if you both have your head screwed on right you can save money, motivate and teach each other act as a backup for each other and a lot of other stuff

if either one of you is a nutter then there is so much that can go bad i could not even begin to do the subject justice.