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Message Subject The ISIS map of the world: Militants outline chilling five-year plan for global domination as they declare formation of caliphate
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ISIS has proclaimed that it respects no borders, that it is intent on expanding into Syria, Iran, Jordan, etc. ISIS is like a steam locomotive, starts out slowly but picks up steam. The steam in the engine of ISIS are those who are "ready to rumble", and no, these are not soccer players, but those hell bent on jihad. It is the ultimate goal of ISIS to rule the world. As the expand, they pick up those sympathetic to their cause, those who, well, to save their own life renounce their faith and join them.

ISIS is an ever growing army who will stop at nothing to achieve their cause. ISIS is like a brush fire, catch it early (NOW) and extinguish it, or, let it grow until it is out of control.

ISIS is the enemy of all freedom loving people, ISIS is the enemy of the ONE TRU GOD, but ISIS can not stand. ISIS must be, and will be obliterated from the face of this earth. If the USA, if Israel, if France, Iran, or any other country refuses to do this, so be it. FIRE WILL RAIN DOWN FROM HEVEN UPON THEIR HEADS,FOR THE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE EVIL ONE< NOT THE CHILDREN OF THE LIVING GOD

Mark my words, the time is near...
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