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DIPLOMACY: SAUDI ARABIA - OK People, Here's the Plan!

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07/03/2014 03:12 PM
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DIPLOMACY: SAUDI ARABIA - OK People, Here's the Plan!
I've seen this before - I think I may have even written about it, but it would have long fallen out of my active threads.
The Saudis, as you probably well know, are a real problem for this country (and the planet). While we allow ourselves to get distracted by every other Islamic hellhole around the globe, we lose sight of the hub - the origin of most of the codified hate and venom that is continuously spreading out from Saudi Arabia.
I like this plan - it just feels so right! Of course if you can make it even better, then please feel free to let me know how! In all honesty, if you can improve on it, you probably should comment over on the article itself - I don't want to be seen as hogging traffic that would otherwise go to them. I still want to know about the details however, so please sound off!
[link to www.nukingpolitics.com]
Excerpt from near the end of the article:
"We're now officially bored with your violence, your bigotry, your hilariously antithetical arrogance, and your stubborn refusal to join the 20th Century, much less the 21st.
So we've decided to occupy your country.  Not with our troops, at least no moreso than we already are, but with sophisticated, automated, robotic death machines capable of French-kissing* the Earth with the power of the Sun. You're actually not important enough for us to really occupy your country the traditional way.
You donít impress us.  And weíre tired of your whining.
Your <strike-out>vast desert wasteland</strike-out> country doesn't impress us - we've put battlebots on Mars!"
The footnote above points to this statement:
" * an alien concept, I realize, but you can look it up."