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Critical thinking analogy of the imaginary and intellectual mind.

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07/14/2014 06:28 PM
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Critical thinking analogy of the imaginary and intellectual mind.
Critical thinking analogy of the imaginary and intellectual mind.

Imagination is the paramount mental thinking ability that humans have engendered. Above all, this power separates us from what we call the lower life forms. This most powerful force in creation, God himself must have first imagined before creating; Imagination the creator of life and the seen Universe from the realm of Nothing. But duality tells us that there is a down side to this amazing Universal power.

The imagination was first developed, in humans, by the cave men that were attempting to understand nature and all things he encountered. Imagination is the first place we learned to look for answers to puzzling questions as we do today. We create great works of art and technology, we astound with imaginative stories, myths and superstitions. Man has become accustom to inventing imaginary understanding or theory and accepting it as reality or fact. Imagination has been the primary default mind of man from the very beginning. Therefor our imaginary minds are extremely well developed.

Our mind of intellect is relatively new to man. With our intellect we build from imagination great cities and have flown to the moon. But few people are comfortable in their intellectual mind. Many children struggle in school but when it is recess or playtime they are totally happy. Adults do not enjoy talking about science, religion or government but anything that will turn off the intellect and turn on the imagination is eagerly sought after. Trillions of dollars are spent on entertainment, sports, sex, drugs and alcohol. We simply do not find joy in having our intellect stimulated or being forced to think. Most people do not view intellectual thinking as fun or enjoyable, aside from a few that watch Jeopardy.

Children first learn to realize with their imaginations and after their immature child fantasies are dashed, they are not taught how to develop their intellectual minds, they are taught to accept adult fantasy as a new reality to replace their child fantasies. Are childhood fantasies simply a training ground to prepare the immature mind for adult imaginary fantasy reality? Children are forced into a learning environment with no help in developing or understanding their intellectual mind. They are forced into school that exerts a “sink or swim” hostel environment that many children are traumatized by. Memory is the key to genius success but there is no help or training to develop this mental capability either.

The modern age is beginning to produce a ‘factual reality’ that is conflicting with the ancient cave man superstitions of ‘imaginary reality.’ The mind of man has not learned how to fully develop his logical intellectual mind and views logic as imaginary and imagination as reality; the realities reversing causing great frustration and confusion. The intellectual thinker has been persecuted for thousands of years but is slowly emerging from the rubble of imagination. The great search for Truth is still a mystery for mankind.

The two minds conflict, ergo mankind is in conflict with himself and each other. This is a war of imagination and belief not of men. Men of primary imaginary mind do not know how to deal with their new mind of intellect and view it as an enemy and can feel the conflict within…it is because intellect exposes imagination for what it truly is…imaginary. Imaginary man has not yet learned how to control his imaginary mind with the mind of intellect and he views any attempt to “help” him as a direct attack on him (or a God) personally; this also imaginary but feels very real.

The imaginary mind will not accept the input of the intellectual mind and in fact protects against it. The intellectual mind gladly draws from imagination; imaginary thinking is paramount to advancements of any kind. Imagination first rejects the thinking of the rational mind in defense of itself. Imagination wants to be free and not constrained. Unless a person is aware that this is happening and that it is a “choice” to use the mind of intellect WITH imagination, this confusion will never end. The intellect must invoke imagination…not the other way around. If not…imagination will run away with you.

People cannot discern reality from fiction today as arguments and hate disseminate to racism and violence, simply over what we think and believe is real and reality. People spout opinion and thinking, these are simply imaginary based, that is rarely, if ever, based on facts. Often people accept the imaginary views of others and profess them as if they are fact. Ancient beliefs existing for thousands of years, this, the imaginary process that society is living in today. Handed down imagination is not working well for society and has not for thousands of years.

We have seen many examples of forced ignorance in history the most notable the persecution of scientists and the burning of scientific books. For years the Bible was not to be produced or given to the common people, the knowledge held as sacred and not for normal man. In America it was against the law to teach a black man to read. Medicine and law are written in an uncommon language to safe guard knowledge from the people. Even God attempted to stop man from knowing the good of knowledge and wisdom but his divine plan was spoiled by a serpent and the intervention of Eve, this event deemed evil by believers when man gained knowledge.

Things may be changing?

The day of the primary imaginary mind appears to be waning. The failsafe guardian and protector of the power of imagination: the mind of intellect is beginning to show itself. Not realizing this has produced a war of the minds within man that has spilled over onto mankind and into social reality. We are slowly discovering The COMPLETE MIND OF MAN is both the imaginary and intellectual mind in synchronicity, not at war with each other as is so prevalent today.

Imagination wrongly believes that the intellectual mind is the enemy; when IN FACT the intellectual mind cannot function without a healthy happy mind of imagination. These two minds combine to be the Universal mind of creation: this making the complete mind of man. True happiness and peace comes from a balanced mind.

This confusion of the minds has/is creating great division and war between men. Ancient religion and theocratic government, long in power, do not want to let go of the status quo of imaginary belief. The new mind of science and logical thinking is perceived as an enemy. Why is the question?

It appears that if a person is in a primary mind of imagination, that it creates conflict with the intellectual mind. Where if intellectual mind is primary it enjoys and utilizes the imaginary mind, seeking its assists in discovery, research, innovation and creation. Imagination has no appreciation of intellect. Intellect is a danger to imagination. It seeks to tear down what imagination builds. This is not true. Intellect seeks to clarify and use the ideas and innovations of imagination.

It would seem logical that truth and fact would be of the greatest interest and importance. But protecting ancient superstitions and imaginary fantasy reality continues unabated, creating wars between the realist and the aggressive delusionist. This imaginary evolution has taken us all the way to the brink of worldwide insanity and the near destruction of mankind with war. Insanity of all people is a symptom of the virus disease of imaginary beliefs. Imagination will continue to destroy intellect as long as this symptom is not understood to bring imagination under control.

The great question is: How do we learn to realize and accept each other no matter what mind we use for primary thinking? This question MUST be answered of man is to progress intellectually and achieve our true technological potential. The evolution of imagination to intellectual mind has been a very long destructive road for all of mankind. This IS NOT A WAR that one mind must win. It is a condition that must be realized first and then the learning process will take place gradually over time. This problem did not happen overnight and it will not be solved overnight. We begin with realizing the true nature of the problem first.

The true mind of intellect does not seek for violence or war or conflict. It seeks discovery, new technology and learning, attempting to replace ignorance with truth. But the imaginary mind has used intellect for war and “for other purposes.” Power structures have used and abused the creations of intellect to promote war and ignorance. True intellect seeks for peace not war.

The ancient religious minds of imagination believe this new intellectual mind to be a threat to the very existence of moral and righteous man. They view men of intellect and science as immoral and evil; A plague on the earth that should be scrubbed away and eradicated. Knowledge and science was/is burned and murdered to protect the imaginary beliefs. Is this not simple to see? How can it continue in a supposed modern age?

Tools of the rational mind to control and “rein in” the imagination to prevent it from “running off with you” are: skepticism, discernment, perception, observation, probability, improbability, plausibility, cynicism, rationality, doubt, uncertainty, distrust, disbelief and doubt. It is essential for the intellectual mind to apply these mental exercises before taking the next step of accepting or believing anything presented or imagined to be true or real. The primary imaginary mind will forgo these steps and go directly to belief; this, the greatest danger of a primary imaginary mind because it has no balance of thought and reason. Primary imaginary thinking is the immature cave man mind or that of a child. But this has and is the primary mind of most people today, the immature mind of imagination that has not evolved the intellectual mind. This is a choice. Intellect does not develop on its own. It is a willful act to seek knowledge, wisdom, Truth and Reality.

There are two kinds of belief; rational and irrational. A rational belief is one that has been rigorously subjected to the tools of discernment and has proven itself as true. The irrational needs no proof and may be held as true; with no actual proof or with proof to the contrary; this, the epitome of irrational belief: A belief that stubbornly stands in the face of facts to the contrary but still held as true.

Irrational belief often times leads to delusional belief. A person may believe that they are empowered by their belief. Delusional imaginary belief can produce many problematic mental states such as: paranoia, schizophrenia, obsession, fixation, fanaticism, radicalism, extremism, irrationality, supremacy, hate, jealousy, anger, frustration, confusion; this creating mental, physical and emotional pain which may lead to eventual insanity; this leaving the rational non-believer stupefied by the insanity of imaginary belief wars.

Social conflicts arise when an irrational belief confronts a rational thinking non-believer. The delusional believer, in a paranoid state, envisions that they are entitled to ridicule, belittle and berate the non-believer. They believe themselves to be superior to anyone not of their belief and that belief must be protected at all cost. Criminal belief delusion manifests as physical aggression, murder and genocidal war.

This is an amazing enigma of humanity today. An incredible example of ancient belief’s running into conflict with the “radical new concept” of intellectual validation that demands proof of a belief to be accepted as true and real. This produces huge frustration and anger in a fantasy believer that has no proof or validation existing of his imaginary belief. This believer may even realize that no proof exists but if the delusion is deep he will still profess it. It begs the question that if; a belief be so powerful; why would it be afraid of a rational evaluation; an extremely perplexing situation. This taking us to the delusion of “willful ignorance”: a mental state where the belief is more important than reality or Truth to the believer: This being a mental state that the rational mind of intellect finds intolerable. The believer exchanges Truth and Reality for the belief.

Religion replaces Truth with God; believing that God is Truth. An imaginary entity belief is Truth? The powers of creation and life that IS Truth is an imaginary deity? This hides Truth from yourself, this the greatest of all self-delusions. You will never know Truth…only an imaginary God. How sad is that?

For those few of us who have developed both minds of primary intellect and secondary imagination we owe a great debt of thanks to those that sacrificed their lives to overcome the proliferation perpetuation of ignorance.

I think we all owe the greatest of all thanks to Eve for sacrificing herself and Adam to the punishment of God for her precious gift of knowledge given to mankind. It is sad that she did not also gather from the tree of eternal life for us.

Work in progress…for us all.
Anonymous Coward
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07/14/2014 07:08 PM
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Re: Critical thinking analogy of the imaginary and intellectual mind.
There wasn't even a question at the end of that climb :-(

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United States
07/14/2014 07:48 PM
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Re: Critical thinking analogy of the imaginary and intellectual mind.
Let me guess; you not only love hearing yourself talk but imagine all of humanity is in desperate need of your superior intellectual wisdom?

Here's a tip; you need to get your basic point across in a modest paragraph or two in forums such as this otherwise it will most likely be ignored as a wall 'o' text not worth reading.

Instead you provide in your first two paragraphs evidence of your own vivid imagination, a thorough willingness to swallow subjective thoughts as truth, and a clear absence of critical thinking.

No thanks