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FOIA Request question

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United States
07/23/2014 06:38 PM
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FOIA Request question
So I was thinking about this post [link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
and it got me to thinking if you can request copys of sign in sheets from government facilities? It makes you wonder if congressman, Clergy, and reporters are not allowed to come and over see this operation who is. If UN people are observing this then why is the public not being told that.

It seems fishy congress was denied access upon request to these camps. Reporters and border patrol officers as well as doctors have been threatened with arrest for taking pictures or talking publicly about it. This incident didn't just jump to crisis levels it was obviously well prepared for. The ultimate proof is the minimal amount of photo and information leaks. If you just cobbled together a group of people last minute like what they have portrayed in the media. You would not be able to lock down the areas so tightly or have a trustworthy staff who would not leak out some info or photos. There are just to many anti illegal Immigrant people out there it would take months to weed them out.
im the new cancer.