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Message Subject There is Someone on Planet Earth that has AntiMatter in his DNA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hey how are you?

They try but have already failed in trying. I'm not 'chosen' nor does me being from another dimension have any relevance or special meaning.

You're right that I'm under heavy attack from military and dimensional beings who do not wish their part of the universe to be freed.

Although... I'm also attacked from beliefs such as yours, me needing to claim powers from a god? Don't worry though, yours is very minor in comparison to that of the dimensional beings(who have taught you to think this way).

I'm not here for anything other than to witness and observe, theorize all you like. After successfully learning to avoid the dimensional beings it was not quite as hard to avoid the military, even though they have technology similar to that of the dimensional beings but in physical form.

Imagine for a second being surrounded by a reality your not 'meant' to be in, the bubble held up by your will alone. Not an easy task as it requires knowledge of creation to create and maintain... such as the knowledge these dimensional beings use to control a not so insignificant percentage of the population and the military complex.

In my physical form, while on this planet at least... I am limited in what I can do, they have had quite a grapple on me for as long as I remember. So you are correct I'm not completely 'awake'. You must realize that if even if I was 'all powerful' then universal law dictates you must be as well.
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