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Message Subject There is Someone on Planet Earth that has AntiMatter in his DNA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You're about as powerful as the smell coming from my dog's rear end.
 Quoting: Occasionally Swears

I do prefer less smelly realities, honestly.

Imagine for a second that your reality is named duality. In this duality the extremes are stretched further and further. The 'good' getting better, the 'bad' getting worse.

You're getting the short end of the stick, stuck with the bad. Occasionally given a treat, just to keep you going while your demi-god reaps and steals most of the good. Unless he happens to like you, or you're willing to help further his creation here.

That is the god you worship, you've forgotten that all of existence is one and the same. Stuck in a matrix that feeds off your energies.

It is self-evident if you look around, almost no one takes care of their *own* physical necessities on this planet. How many families do you see growing their own farms? Teaching their own children?

How many people think universally, when they don't even realize people on the other side of the planet are their neighbors as well on a small speck of dust in the middle of no where?

How many are even conscious enough to go beyond one line insults such as comparing another to their dogs fart?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 56958606

You just produced the equivalent of a mental fart;
I'd say the dog reference is fitting.
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