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Message Subject There is Someone on Planet Earth that has AntiMatter in his DNA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The government calls the one a threat...but they have all the ammunition in the world at their disposal...take him out...stand up...don't be a coward...don't let the one get away with this ...
 Quoting: NM 62372634

Your primitive weapons are useless in 5th dimension take out the physical you liberate the energetic the energetic is a billion times more powerful than the physical same as with Christ death , but this time crucifixion not permitted, death neither as humanity will not be permitted to crucify or
murder gods messengers , those doing it will be destroyed along with those that in fear ask for it to be done .

You apes are asking for Jesus to return but all of you are scared shitless about that happening , you cant live without your money, houses , gold & silver your gods are greed and lust for power , you are the first ones throwing stones at Jesus return , the hierarchy haves to accept they had lied on Jesus return and need to Fulfill the pact promised by the year zero Christ, the Christ of this ERA needs to return in power and needs to destroy evil , not let himself be crucified again by anyone .

No more ..... Its clear the instructions are be like me ...

not put your sins on me and be merry living like kings, wile i take your load of shit, you sin more and sink me into your hellish multidimensional energy pits , you are parasites of god energy , those reading this read carefully its being like Christ not load Christ with your sins and keep living like animals, as only heaven you will receive is hell , don't be deceived

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