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Message Subject There is Someone on Planet Earth that has AntiMatter in his DNA
Poster Handle Deadfrog
Post Content
- He does not show up on normal electronic radar because his 'body' and 'spirit' are from another dimension

- His whole body and spirit is 'supernatural'

- The Military Elite are trying to weaponize his mind to be a tool to keep millions in chains

- He is 'Chosen' because no one on Earth has a body/spirit like him

- He is NOT Awake right now

- He does not know the full extent of his power

When Will He Step Forward?

And Claim the Powers that God Gave Him
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 58483529

ummm well all the physics stuff I have been reading and watching says we all have dark matter. Every living being gives off the signature.


Dark matter is already being collected and studied. They even developed a cancer scanner through the tech at Cern.

Cern created the web network, cancer scanner, and now are using a new propulsion tech vs magnetic using plasma at the awake project.

400 gev is what they are pushing for now....

The huge problem scientifically is the magnetic field is 3 times stronger than the earths.....

Every time they fire up a major powered collision ...within hours we see news alerts of volcano activity, mini quakes on faults all over the world.

Spiritual side of this: Theory ...all theory...nothing tangible yet...by the time it's tangible...we will either be materializing demons on this side or another dimension.

1960 goal was to open to another dimension , jack resources, close the door. Original plan
Or make contact with other side.

Either way the persuit of more resources,tech, and pure curiousity is leading us down a dangerous path scientificly and spiritually.
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