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An encounter between Mars,Venus

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 116322
United Kingdom
07/13/2006 07:49 AM
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An encounter between Mars,Venus
Upon a certain time when Mars
And Venus met together,
All in a shady Bower, where she
Did oft admit him thither :
But Cupid he did chance to see
That Mars did hit the Mark so narrow,
The boy still cry'd, and could not abide,
Come off my Mother Sirra.

Then Venus thought her arable land
Lay void, and was not tilled,
Which caus'd her barn so empty stand [? to empty]
So long as 'twas not filled;
Quoth she, I'll have some husbandman
Shall take my ground to sow and harrow,
Still cry'd the Lad as he was mad,
Come off my mother Sirra.

Though Mars the God of battel be, [p, 147.]
Yet.he could not it endure,
For Venus made his Spear to yield,
Although the point was sure :
But when she felt the Mettel melt,
She rais'd like a lively Sparrow,
Still cry'd the Lad as he were mad,
Come off my Mother Sirrah.

Then Mars put up his weapon blunt,
.And Venus trimm'd her tresses :
Oh, curst, quoth he, that oft may see
That such a wife possesses;


Then straight he sent to Jupiter,
And Venus hyed her to her marrow,
Still cry'd the Lad as he were mad,
Come off my Mother Sirrah.

Peace Boy, quoth he, and be content,
For Venus is a woman,
And can subdue the greatest God
That rights by art or cunning :
But if that thou wilt give me leave
To draw my golden headed Arrow,
I'll give thee a Groat; all's one for that,
Come off my Mother Sirrah.

[link to www.immortalia.com]