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Message Subject I just got out of jail because i refused to be breathalyzed for walking down the street. Ask me a question.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I completely agree with being pissed off at how the cops handled your situation.

But, if I may ask a serious question... Have you ever considered that you might have a drinking problem?

 Quoting: Iamaka

Now that you mention it there is a bar, a liquor store, and a convenience store right on that little strip where they "busted" me. If I don't go to those businesses I really don't have any reason to go in that area. So perhaps I have a drinking problem, but it'd didn't become this big a problem until I started getting $140 in fines and locked up. :) Fuck. I literally don't have the money now to drink and all those little businesses won't get my business anymore. What am I supposed to do sit in my apartment and drink alone? Go broke taking a taxi to cross the street and back? Once I get in the habit of saving the money and just hunkering down and getting away from everyone here it will be all the more easier to move. Fuck all this shit. Nanny state motherfuckers still.
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