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Message Subject I just got out of jail because i refused to be breathalyzed for walking down the street. Ask me a question.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In libtopia you can smoke weed in a childrens park in Seattle but you can't walk around with a closed beer.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26646277

Yup. I hear ya. Here you can't cross the street between your home and the convenience store without getting locked up, your balls busted and fined. One would think any cops that gave a shit would just be like hey buddy are you okay we had a little concern... get ahold of my ID and *see* I am right across the street from my apartment and say we just want to make sure you get home safe and that you can't be out here walking around like that, if I was legitimately as trashed as they claim in their "report". Nope. Gotta be a $75 jail fee and a $65 fine. I still worked both Saturday and Sunday even though I was locked up in between shifts and didn't sleep at all. Sometimes I work 7 days a week at a temp agency too. I pay my fucking taxes. The funny part is that right across the street is another jurisdiction. On my side of the street is a different police department... I told the cop he was a fucking bully. I'm like are you serious? I told him in any other town he would be the laughing stock of the precinct if he pulled this crap. It's still such fucking bullshit.
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