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Message Subject I just got out of jail because i refused to be breathalyzed for walking down the street. Ask me a question.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Was there other public around besides you and the occifer?

If not, they cannot charge you with Public Intoxication as there was no public present.
 Quoting: Yuga Sage

OOOhhh. That's true in a way. There were no public present just me and the concrete... To answer not guilty around here means they try to schedule your court date for a month later. If I didn't plead guilty and just get the fuck out I would have had to bond out and I was supposed to be to work at 2:00. I just asked the judge what the fine was. Taking off of work to run down there is expensive as well. It's more expensive to not pay these pricks. I've gone to court before applied for a public defender, was granted the notion and when told the prices I told the judge I was going to represent myself and did so successfully. I've played all the little court games before. It's all just a way to shake you down for cash. It's not about right or wrong, or black or white, or truth or justice... the so called "law society" just wants to take my hard earned money for... "imagined offenses." as far as i understand it the court system is a version of admiralty law. that's why you have to walk in front of the bench and all the other bullshit. the judge just acts like a captain setting debts between merchants. they just want your hard earned money and if not they'll treat you like a piece of cattle and lock you up and then charge you for your time spent with them. fuck this shit.
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