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Ebola panic guidebook, what to expect

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 49426648
08/09/2014 09:37 AM
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Ebola panic guidebook, what to expect
It didn't yet but say it will, in two weeks start hitting your city.

Day 0.

Ebola, you heared about it, many sheeple didn't as of yet.

They will though as the first people will not show up at their schools, jobs ...

Day 5.

In the first five days after someone died of Ebola in a city like NYC, you will have a daily report.

10 people quaranteed, in Queens.
50 people quaranteed in the Bronx.
5 more cases in Manhattan.

Day 10.

Then after 10 days, the number of cases goes into the hundreds, then suddenly in the thousands, people start looking at eachother in fear, not knowing who is infected and who is not.

The guidebook says, ebola incubating period is 21 days.

So many people will run of the stores, buy supplies for a month and will simply stay inside.

Now, when this starts happening, your local neighbour store will run oit of supplies pretty fast, in fact in half a day it's empty.

You don't really want to drive up to wallmart at this point, because you know, big chance you will get infected there. So you call your aunty Margaret who lives in Virginia and ask if you and the kids can come over there, sure she says.

Little do you know, there are 10000 aunty Margarets living in Virginia and half of NYC wants to get there by car.

Day 12.

Meanwhile in Aunty Virginia's town people also see the reports coming out of new york and decide they don't want no mass influx of New Yorkers in their city, shops are emptying as it is already and the supplies seem to be delayed.

On the news, there are several stories of Wal-Mart trucks being high-jacked around the country, this doesn't add to the sentiment either.

Day 13.

Many towns in Virginia decide to create a vigilante, armed, sending foreigners back home, from a distance of course, shoot first, ask questions later, we don't want our kids to die after all.

The US government decides things can't go on like this and tries to take back control.

It installs martial law, all people must get off the road and return to their city.

In the cities and on the main roads, FEMA camps are set up, people who test positive for the virus have to stay there quaranteed, others are transferred into intermediate locations.

Reports are coming in from looting gangs roaming apartment buildings, looking for cash, drugs and food.

Day 15.

Many buildings are set on fire, people are turned homeless in a heartbeat.

US military orders anyone of the streets, it will organise door-to-door food donation.
Also while they have the chance they will test people for the virus and send them off the FEMA camp when it turns out positive.

Day 20.

US Military personnel despite wearing protection on the job starts turning sick as well, both from despair of watching their family die as from the virus itself. it remains harder and harder to instill order, as more and more servicemen return home to try to protect their families.

Day 21.

21 days after the first case in NYC, an estimated 50.000 people died, reports about how many are infected are no longer accurate, but reports are saying it is a hard batlle but we are winning it. People are becomning desperate, US service men are calling for volunteers, people who were sick but recovered are forced to serve. `People with other treatments beside Ebola are now simply dying in droves, cancer, diabetes, old age, they stand no chance as their meds and normal healthy food becomes scarce.

Day 22-30.

Surviving Engineers are actively traced and gathered to keep running the power stations.

An Ebola survivor group is being formed, out of the sick who survived the desease, they are now the ones who get prime care from what is left of the government, their blood is used to create serum, they are well fed and asked to serve their country, they remain however infectuous for a period of up to 7 weeks. So whoever is helped by them regards them as a risk.

A divide is now growing between the Ebola resistent and the non-infected.

This especially becomes a problem as there are still entire nations and regions within a country and the world like Alaska, Nebraska, Israel, North-Korea, Mongolia and New-Zealand who remain largely unaffected either due to a travel ban or due to succesful quarantining of early cases.
Revolution Poet

User ID: 48567344
08/09/2014 11:45 AM
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Re: Ebola panic guidebook, what to expect
This is pretty good writing, Bravo!

User ID: 54058774
United States
08/09/2014 11:48 AM
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Re: Ebola panic guidebook, what to expect
Future Legend...The Year of the Diamond Dogs.


User ID: 32798472
United States
08/09/2014 12:00 PM

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Re: Ebola panic guidebook, what to expect
Future Legend...The Year of the Diamond Dogs.

 Quoting: PIR


User ID: 48600360
United States
08/09/2014 12:02 PM
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Re: Ebola panic guidebook, what to expect