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Message Subject Urgent Drop Twitter, Facebook, Google and all other Intel Gathering Websites Set up for or Monitored by NSA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If Linux Mint had driver support for games/sound.etc it would be an instant hit and Windows would literally not exist within a year at most.

The reason why people still cling to Windows is because they still have *some* support for sound drivers/game devices.etc though a lot of old 16/32 bit software won't work and they delete Win 7 software for not being compatible.

Linux Mint you can do things but it requires a lot of terminal knowledge to set devices up manually and no support for 5.1 speakers.

Good luck getting your digital piano/keyboard hooked up let alone getting any sound out of it or getting games to work that uses or are optimized for certain graphics cards Linux doesn't support.

Linux people obviously DO NOT play computer games or only play really simple style games if they do as they do have some of their own games but they are really limited and dumb.

One of the more sophisticated games is Zero AD an open source RTS game which is as good as they come which behaves a lot like RISK. The early RISK seriesxz that is.
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