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Message Subject Urgent Drop Twitter, Facebook, Google and all other Intel Gathering Websites Set up for or Monitored by NSA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Also Use a Non Internet Explorer Browser like

Turn off Java, Cookies and always use Private browsing mode.

Some sites require cookies or Java to work properly, after you are done with them, just turn them back off and delete your cookies and clear your history so that other sites will not be able to glean this information from your browser or computer. Never use the same password for multiple sites and Never Store passwords or critical/confidential data on a computer connected to the Internet.

I believe it was Germany or some other Euro Country that banned Microsoft Windows 7 and above because of all the backdoors built into the Operating System.

As far back as Windows XP Security people warned Microsoft of Vulnerabilities in the Early Beta Versions of XP, but Microsoft did NOTHING to fix them before the Final Release.

Microsoft like AT&T has a Relationship with the NSA.

If you want to be much more secure when surfing the internet use a bare bones instal of Linux and up to date mini browser, and even use a proxy server. These things will all make your surfing much more secure. Use the above browser settings such as turning off cookies, Java and Use Privacy Mode where history is not saved.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 61493579

Yes, weal know we are now under total surveillance. But does this mean we need to keep what we do hidden? I think doing the things you suggest results in being flagged by the same people. So if you arent doing anything wrong you look suspicious. To play devil's advocate, they connect people sometimes wrongly through cell phone numbers called, and they go after innocent people too, I think to justify the existence of their bullying jobs.
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