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Subject HighThoughts from Me Vol. I
Poster Handle YoungAristocrat
Post Content
Vol. I

Hello, my fellows. Long ago, our fathers, in their valiant effort, threw off the chains of oppressive, totalitarian monarchy to form a union of decentralized states, where a family, where any citizen, could operate in society in harmony, with the assured right(among others) to pursue, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

But this wonderful country that we love so much, as been overtaken by the power seekers, those who in spirit but not person, embody the image of the time liberty was void in this world, that spirit of British monarchial rule. Through loopholes in the tax system, campaign finance laws, and many other such statutes, they have set up a seemingly indomitable system.

My soul tells me to fight, to restore the founding vision of this country. I cannot be the only one to see the system has been hijacked, while that none of the form is destroyed, the matter is much different.

Until next time my fellows,

I bid you,


^P.S. The author claims no responsibility for the feelings expressed above of a this character who happens to me, (not really ;)).

Blue Kush in NY has interesting effects.
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