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Message Subject Subversion of The Soul-mates
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had a confirmed Soul mate-SHE was the one who told me-I agreed-and someone who, if they couldn't have her decided that I should not have her-and proceeded to tell her lies, bank on her insecurities and even create fake web pages "by me" that he told her had naked pictures of her on it (where would i have gotten them-? and that he took them down before she got a chance to look at the site. And she fell for it. If i had a friend who was female she would say 'goodbye-i know when I'm not wanted' with him feeding her fears of being abandoned. HE works with school children in Georgia-yet he is also a pedo...Mike Babb, may he rot in hell for torturing her and destroying the beautiful friendship we once had.
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