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HIghThoughts from Me Vol. III

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United States
08/23/2014 10:28 PM
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HIghThoughts from Me Vol. III

Chere amis. It has been a while since our last conversation. I apologize. Today, I would like to discuss deception in government.

It seems to be a fact of time, that every governmental system this world has seen, none seem able to run without deception. This basic reality has obviously been present in all forms in history.

However, the way I see it. This will always be the case. Could a perfect governing system exist? Possibly. However, on this sphere in space, in our reality, it seems to be an inescapable truth.

I urge all to be vigilant. The true citizen will always be one that is guarded, that refuses any man the opportunity to pull the wool over his eyes. Give not yourselves to deception, and respect the liberty of every man. That is he key to human fulfillment.

Until we converse again,

I be you all,


^P.S. The author claims no responsibility for the feelings expressed above of a this character who happens to me, (not really ;)).