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Message Subject How I make Colloidal Silver for personal use
Poster Handle HnryBwmn///KD0WSJ
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 Quoting: HnryBwmn///KD0WSJ

For the best CS the generally accepted voltage is 30V DC.

Just sayin'.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 62356299

I kinda agree. The best results I have gotten are with the common, abundant 25 volt old laptop power supplies.

Many people swear by the 3-9 volt battery sets, wiring 3 batteries in series. The voltages add up when in series. Hook positive to negative, positive to negative positive to negative.
9 + 9 + 9 = 27 volts.
The 9V battery clips are available from Radio Shack or eBay.

These work great with fine 16 gauge silver wire from a jeweler.

But to make the quantities and strength of concentration I make.....you would go through 2 or 3 sets of batteries.

The 16 gauge wires would be gone in about 3 batches. Been there, done that. I started with wire.

9V Duracell batteries are more than $5 each.
2 sets would be $30.
Mine goes on my electric bill. Maybe $1?

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