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Message Subject How I make Colloidal Silver for personal use
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"True CS is amber in color, but you can also get amber by not regulating your current and causing large particle clusters to form, which leads you down the road to Smurfsville. Clear or almost clear CS is really just ionic silver, which isn't useful internally as it bonds with your stomach acid and converts to silver chloride in about 18 seconds after ingestion. Thereafter, it'll just lodge under your skin or get flushed out in your urine.

Ionic silver however is great outside your body for skin and surface disinfection.

90%+ of all CS, both home-brewed and commercial, is mostly ionic silver and worthless for internal consumption."


However, Ionic silver solution is NOT 'worthless' internally.
As a matter of fact it is very VALUABLE internally... the ONLY 'problem' is that it can't be INGESTED (for the reason you stated above, i.e. bonding into silver chloride in the stomach.)
You CAN however, introduce them to your bloodstream. You simply 'atomize'/spray and inhale
sublingual (under the tongue)

"You can check your cs batch using the Tyndale effect."


The 'visibility check' aka the 'Tyndal effect' will SHOW you that you are creating colloids...
smaller (more useful) colloids are the refraction of light peculiar to colloids that give the 'amber' color to the solution.

Ions however... (present in ALL CS solutions) are invisible. Completely.
Even a 'saturated' solution containing 100% ions will be CLEAR and show NO Tyndal Effect.

Ions (Ag+) are SMALLER than the Silver atom itself. They are slightly subatomic having 'lost' an electron from the outer shell. Very small means Very USEFUL.

"For the best CS the generally accepted voltage is 30V DC."


LARGER voltage doesn't mean 'better'.... it means 'faster'.
LARGER voltage does mean LARGER colloids... but made faster.
So, there is a 'trade off'... because smaller colloids are (indeed) better colloids.
30V has been tested to meet that trade off... aka, 'fast enough' and yet 'small enough'.

"Agitating the water" (using aquarium pump bubbler) is the better way to produce the small particle nanosilver."


It 'exposes' the surface of the cathode to interact more readily into 'giving up' electrons to the anode.

Cheers to all and thanks OP for this thread. :)
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